Hello, I’m Erik Royer, a design professional based in Denver.

I have more than 14 years of experience as a creative director. I thrive in dynamic, team-oriented work environments which value collaboration, communication and the creative process. I believe in blending business objectives and creative objectives to create design that moves beyond an aesthetic exercise. I enjoy listening to the client/user to understand their problem and then framing that problem in a way that can be solved by design. I work most effectively when expectations are clear. As a creative, I feel goals and deadlines are a necessity in the creative process. They serve as a catalyst to ignite the flow of ideas. Conversely, their absence eliminates the framework where the process must interact. I think Picasso said it well “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.” Getting an opportunity to celebrate an achieved goal is extremely valuable. It is not only the proverbial pat on the back but also strengthens the trust, integrity and vulnerability necessary for a creative team to thrive.


I think most people would describe me as laid back. I love to watch things grow and develop and our 2 boys are perfect to satisfy this craving. My family is extremely important to me and I spend much of my free time with them. I love coaching both our boys in baseball as I feel at home on a ball field. Art is another consistent character in my life. It has served as a trail of breadcrumbs throughout my life and I have happily followed it wherever I am. I prefer to work in pastels and oils but have experimented with most mediums. When I feel stressed I gravitate to create something with my hands, either art or some project made of wood. The wood ones really annoy my wife.

I met my wife at the University of Iowa as we were both athletes and shared the same training facilities. She will always be my encouraging nudge to ignite my sometimes stubborn fire. Her drive, motivation and steadfast pursuit is inspiring to me and the ones she is willing to invite into her world.

Because it contains 3 of my favorite things: Iowa, baseball, and a crazy magical quest, Field of Dreams is my favorite movie. My favorite food is ice cream. It really doesn’t even matter what flavor. Ice cream to me represents celebration, family, sun and sugary goodness. How can you not be happy when eating ice cream.

That’s probably enough about me. If you want more we’ll need to sit down so I can learn about you too.

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