Negative Space


One thought that I had today was about negative space. Negative space I feel is the essence of any piece. It is the unspoken and the parts left out. This is where the interest truly lies and requires more that a superficial glance to comprehend or appreciate. It is the same with people, what is most interesting is what is left unsaid and hidden. Their aspirations their quiet experiences their goals their secrets. We are all artists and make choices at all times what to reveal and what to leave in the negative space where the observer must dig to really see. When you see what it is in the negative space it is like solving a mystery. A sense of pride that you cracked the code. It reminds me of the feeling you had as a kid when spread glue on a piece of paper and then sprinkled glitter all over it and when you brushed it off, it revealed the pattern you had created. This is the aha of negative space.





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