Camp Kesem

Kesem is a nationwide community, driven by passionate college student leaders, that supports children through and beyond their parent’s cancer. The name Kesem is Hebrew for “magic,” sought to bring magic to families affected by cancer.

Services: Website, Print, Branding, UX


The inch worm represents the small incremental steps that each child goes through in dealing with a traumatic experience such as a parent’s illness. Carl is the name that has been given to the symbol. A steadfast hearty name that sounds like someone that would help you out when you need a hand. The vibrant greens and blue resonate with children and are meant to evoke thoughts of nature and calming.

Design Brief

The website serves three primary user groups all with different objectives. The first are potential sponsors/ donors. The motivation for this audience is to learn about the organization and gather the statistical data to make an informed decision about becoming a sponsor. After qualitative interviews and surveying existing sponsors we comprised the most pertinent data for this group. We then organized the information into info-graphics that would not only be simple to read and comprehend but easy to remember. To add a dash of emotion to the page and break up the statistics we sprinkled in testimonials from campers and parents. The next ideal step for this user group is to make a donation. We consistently placed the donate button in the header to be easily accessible from every page on the site.


User Group 2

The second user group is parents of potential campers. For this audience the objective is to get an understanding for the individual camps. Their motivation is determining what Camp Kesem is, how it will help both my child and myself and what specific camp/location would be best for my camper. Our goal is to not only provide this but also to get the user a positive emotion within the first minute. We use video to not only help tell our story but also to give a third party perspective on the camps. This is placed prominently on the homepage just below the hero slider.

We created an interactive map showing all the current camps around the country to make it easy for this user group to determine which camp is ideal for their child. The next step for this group is to register the camper. We consistently placed the Register A Camper button in the header of each page and created a call to action on relevant pages for this user group.