Snug Organics

organic children's clothing

Snug Organics chooses the abundance and warmth that nature provides for sleeping children. They draw from a practical, minimalist style to create lush organic sleepwear that gives cozy contentment and well-being to children, which means peace and restfulness for parents.

Services: brand identity, web design, print, email marketing, packaging, photography, UX research

Their customers are moms who educate themselves, research products before buying and inherently go back in time to the most simple and natural way of doing things.

The persona profile revealed that their primary motivation is to find the safest, coziest, high quality product for their child. They are fiercely loyal once they have found a product they like. They find creative ways to work around the status quo when it comes to toxic, cheaply made, synthetic children’s products. They want to protect and nurture their children even though they know this means they will pay a premium for it.

The brand needed to carry a promise of safe, simple, boutique, high quality. The marketing strategy is a combination of affinity and a high price, high quality strategy.