Colorado Dept of Tourism

Client: Colorado Department of Tourism
Services: Print Design, Ideation

The Department of Tourism asked me to created a magazine spread that would showcase the many tourist attractions in Colorado.

I started by thinking about a seasoned traveler. I thought about how a few years back, I run the risk of dating myself, people would get stamps in their passports to show how many different places they had visited. Prior to that it was luggage stickers. My inspiration for this piece was traveling luggage that my grandfather had. The old leather box luggage he had was weathered and covered with luggage stickers. Like the perfect travel companion or trusty copilot. Each sticker was unique and served as proof of his travel destinations.

The shape of Colorado worked perfectly as a map to overlay onto the old school leather luggage. I then created a luggage sticker in illustrator for each of the tourist attractions and then pulled them into Photoshop to give them the desired weathered look. I placed the stickers on the luggage according to its geographic location in the state. This spread is in Colorado 2013 Official State Vacation Guide.