Casey Brewing and Blending

Casey Brewing and Blending brings old-world brewing techniques to the modern day consumer. Their beers are crafted with over 99% local Colorado ingredients.

Services: Branding, Beer Labels, Website, Merchandise

The customers are 25-40 year old male, beer connoisseurs. They have an infinite knowledge of hops, aging, fermentation, filtering and every type of beer imaginable. They take great pride in discovering a new hard to find brew.

The competition and choices for this audience is dizzying and to be relevant yet slightly obscure can be a razor thin edge for a brand. To be obscure enough to garner the connoisseurs initial interest yet attainable so the consumer can find it and the brand keeps their attention. Part of this responsibility falls on the branding to create something that stands out and distances itself from the Anheuser-Buschs but also envelopes a homegrown persona while conveying a high end artisan feel. This was the challenge.

A one page jump-to site carried the hip look that appealed to the user group. This simple structure also aligned with the simple nature of the brand.

The language for the site had to be coy and distance itself from the boastful unrealistic promises of large beer conglomerates. The info-graphics were designed with a homegrown simple flavor to align with the brand.

The store was set up to feel exclusive like being part of an inner circle or extended family.