FlareAlert is a leading company in the emergency lighting industry. The LED emergency lights can be used with any vehicle. They provide a safe, environmentally friendly, cost effective alternative to traditional strike flares.

Client: FlareAlert
Services: Branding, Print, Packaging, Web

The primary customer base is police, fire departments and emergency services. Research revealed however the product was also being used in industrial and commercial settings as a non verbal communicator.

The motivation of the user is to quickly learn about the product to gather enough knowledge to make a simple case to the department purchasing director or chief. Research conducted through surveys told us the primary motivation for police and fire departments is cost savings. The secondary motivation is to eliminate the damage to uniforms when extinguishing traditional strike flares. When an officer extinguishes a strike flare they step on it much like putting out a cigarette. When this is done it would melt the bottom of their boots as well as cause burns in their pants.

I believe it’s always a good idea to have a title or an image or both that answers the question: What is this? We want to start at the most basic level and build from there. The first thing the users sees is the large slider displaying the product with a simple description of what it is.

Why? What can the user gain. We want to show them what is in it for them rather than why they should buy it. We want to tie into the user motivation, this is much more valuable than beauty or usability to the company.

We have provided the user with what it is and what is in it for them. How they can save money, save lives and save the environment now we make it clear and concise what to do next. The Where to Buy form is this next step.