Keystone Fabrics

Services: Branding, Print, Packaging, UX Research, UX/UI

Keystone Fabrics is positioned as a value based brand. The distribution channels are large online retailers.

The distribution channels attract a value based, cross shopping customer that is sensitive to both quality and price.

The persona profile research revealed that the end user’s largest concerns were ease of installation, fabric quality and price. As a result we focused on the messaging for these three factors to differentiate the brand from the competition. We continued to offer the product at the same price while driving home the message of the easiest shade to install and the premium fabric quality.

The headline on the hero slider prominently displays one of our differentiating factors and one of the users primary motivations which is the ease of install.

User studies revealed 65% of users were accessing the site to purchase replacement parts. Because of the numerous categories, deployment options, and color options, many users were confused when determining what shade part was needed for their shade. This resulted in an increase of customer service calls. Our solution was to create a series of questions before a customer gets to the parts area which forces the user to determine what shade they have prior to ordering parts. Once this section was launched it reduced call in volume by over 50%.

We broke the installation process down to a simple 3 step procedure. We also included an instructional video to give the user a choice for their preferred learning method.